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Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

People used to believe that it was impossible to look years younger than your age with anti aging steps.  It was either an anti aging cream which didn't work, or a diet tip which was just a fad with no proven results.

By using an anti-aging cream that works, you can achieve the results you want.  And when you do, it feels fantastic, because you will turn back the clock and look better than you have in years.

So where do you start?

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

1.  Use an anti-aging cream that works.

The first step is to use an anti-aging cream which works to reverse wrinkles and signs of skin aging.  It doesn't take months anymore to see a slight effect on your skin.  Nowadays, it only takes minutes to see the difference.  And with the antioxidants in them as well, you will also see improvements over time, as you continuously use the cream.

2.  Have a well-balanced diet

Having a well-balanced diet benefits not only our bodies but our skin as well.  It provides us with the proper nutrients we need and as a result, your skin will look clearer and healthier.

3.  Have low GI foods (glycemic index)

Recent clinical studies and research show that having sugar and refined carbs (high GI) cause more free radicals and damage to collagen.  This makes our skin age faster.  With low GI foods, you get less free radicals and helps protect your skin from damage.

4.  Get rid of the toxins in your life

The toxins in your life affect your skin and entire body.  Avoid too much sun exposure, reduce stress, avoid cigarette smoke, and get enough sleep.

5.  Exercise regularly

Exercise improves blood flow and circulation to the skin.  When this happens, nutrients are delivered to the skin more efficiently and waste products are removed. This helps give you healthier and younger looking skin.

6.  Reduce Stress

Stress increases cortisol and other aging hormones which cause your skin to loose elasticity and look years older than you are.  Stress also increases free radicals which will damage skin cells.

Reduce your stress levels through regular exercise, time out, meditation and time with friends.


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