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Vitamin C helps our skin in extremely important ways. Below are just some of the benefits of
Ascorbyl Palmitate:

1.      Collagen Synthesis:  Vitamin C helps dramatically plump up thinning skin by increasing its production of NEW COLLAGEN.  With Vitamin C stimulating your own collagen production, there is no risk of allergy, immune reaction and injection-induced infection.  Just natural collagen which rapidly brings back your skin's softness, strength and elasticity.

2.      Antioxidant:  Vitamin C is an antioxidant, a substance which vanquishes free radicals.  Free radicals on the other hand, are those vicious molecules that irreparably damage our cells and accelerate the aging process.

3.      Blood Capillary Strengthener:  Vitamin C strengthens blood capillaries which mean fewer broken capillaries are visible on your face.

4.      Enhances Skin Brightness:  Vitamin C helps regulate the production of "age spots" or "liver spots" which are formed due to hyper pigmentation, a condition in which patches of our skin become darker in color than surrounding skin.  Vitamin C helps correct and restore the balance of lackluster skin, dark patches and blotchiness.  This evens your skin tone and results in a dramatic improvement in skin radiance.

5.      Prevents Transepidermal Water Loss:  Vitamin C helps reduce water loss from your skin, thus retaining moisture within the skin.

As you can see, when vitamin C is properly delivered into skin cells, there is a very good chance to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin texture.  So, how come other anti-wrinkle Vitamin C products do not work?

It's because there are many different kinds of Vitamin C.  It shouldn't surprise you to know that anti-aging cosmetic companies use the cheapest and least effective form of Vitamin C called L-Absorbic Acid.

Here are some things you should know about L-Absorbic Acid:

  • L-Absorbic Acid is relatively unstable.  In the presence of air or other oxidizing agents, it turns bad in jars or bottles.  Oxidized vitamin C is incapable of doing anything beneficial for our skin.      
  • L-Absorbic Acid is very acidic and can cause severe skin irritation, swelling, redness and inflammation.      
  • When in contact with our skin, vitamin C may actually promote free-radical skin damage.  This will completely cancel out all the beneficial effects it could potentially have on our skin.

Now, is it possible to give our skin the benefits of vitamin C without all these alarming side-effects?


Scientists have discovered a way to join Vitamin C with palmitic acid and this is called "Ascorbyl Palmitate."  How does Ascorbyl Palmitate differ from L-Absorbic Acid?

  1. Ascorbyl Palmitate is stable.  Unlike L-Ascorbic Acid, it can be mixed into creams and still keep its full potency for months and even years.      
  2. It is totally non-irritating. It can even be placed on an open cut without stinging.      
  3. Unlike Vitamin C, Ascorbyl Palmitate is fat-soluble.  This means it offers maximum protection to our skin against free-radicals at the exact spot they wreck the most damage - the outer portion of the cell.

Researchers at Proctor & Gamble also show that Ascorbyl Palmitate absorbs much more quickly and achieves levels ten times higher in the skin than L-Ascorbic Acid.

The best part of this is LifeCell has the anti-aging Ascorbyl Palmitate in full potency to work its magic on your skin and reverse the hand of time.  This will make you look younger today than you did yesterday.


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