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Youthful, glowing skin is caused by dilating blood capillaries which floods your skin with fresh blood cells that are full of nutrients.  Now, as we age, these blood capillaries can become damaged and clogged resulting in diminished blood flow and lack of nutrients to your skin. The result? You look older than you really are.

The solution to this problem is Nitric Oxide which has to be produced on the surface of your skin though a naturally produced compound in our bodies called Dithiolane-3-Pentanoic Acid (D3PA).

Your body and skin desperately needs a boost of fresh antioxidants and this is where universal antioxidant D3PA helps you most.  You must understand that D3PA is not a "regular" antioxidant.  While almost all other antioxidants (ex. Vitamin E) quickly run out of juice when a cell is overwhelmed by a large number of free-radicals, D3PA has more staying power compared to any other antioxidant.  It's such a potent antioxidant that it was even used to treat victims of the world's worst nuclear radiation leakage in Chernobyl, Ukraine.

What does that mean?  Exposure to radiation generates a cascade of free radicals that wreak havoc on our bodies and can even cause cancer. Unbelievably, after just 28 days of D3PA supplements to affected children, researchers found children's blood peroxidation levels had fallen to those of normal children. Even better, children's liver and kidney functions were normalized. That is completely incredible.

This, of course, grabbed the attention of the top research scientists in the country.  University of California's (Berkley) Dr. Lester Packer calls it "probably the most potent, naturally-occurring antioxidant known to man," while a noted Yale University doctor calls it a "wonder molecule" and an "unparalleled weapon in the battle against aging."

One BIG reason D3PA is so invaluable to our skin is because it's a "universal antioxidant" that vanquishes all kinds of free radicals.  It also boosts the levels of other antioxidant naturally produced in our bodies; Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Gluthaione.  No other antioxidant can do this!

All other antioxidants can either prevent free radical damage to the inside of a cell (water soluble) or to the outside of a cell (fat-soluble).  Unfortunately, free radicals attack both the inside and outside of skin cells.  Since D3PA is both water and fat soluble, it protects the entire cell.

A world-renowned dermatologist from Yale University's Medical School conducted studies on his patients after applying D3PA on their skin.  Below are the stunning results:
  • Eye puffiness decreased within one to three days.      
  • A bright, healthy skin glow emerged within five days.      
  • Tremendous shrinkage of enlarged pores in two weeks (this was surprising and scientists don't have an explanation).      
  • Decrease in depth of lines and wrinkles within 8 to 12 weeks.      
  • 70% to 80% improvement of acne and other scars after six months.      
  • And within three months of treatment, very ruddy skin began to take on a "Porcelain-Like Appearance"

The almost miracle-like properties of D3PA don't stop here.  For those who don't know, skin inflammation is an open invitation to lines and wrinkles.  D3PA being anti-inflammatory significantly helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Aside from that, D3PA is unique in its ability to help increase your skin's cellular energy.  Why is this important?  Much like an aging person, an aging cell has lower energy.  Decreased energy leads to a weakened ability to repair damage and create new cells.  By helping increase a cell's energy or metabolism, D3PA increases the cells' capacity to heal damaged skin and create new skin cells.

D3PA is one of the active ingredients in LifeCell.  This helps re-energize your skin which eventually results in a firmer, less-lined and a smoother look.

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