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Ingredients to Avoid

There are many skincare products available that say they will do wonders to your skin, well this is true, but not good wonders. There are so many different ingredients used in skincare products now a day that many will actually harm your skin before they do any good.

One ingredient that everyone feels will be great on their skin is mineral oil, but it actually happens to be a very lethal ingredient that prevents your skin from being able to breathe. Don't be fooled though; mineral oil goes by many names including liquid paraffin, paraffin wax, and even petrolatum. It happens to be used a lot because it's cheap saving the manufacturer's money and charging you a little extra.

Mineral oil can be one of the leading causes to your skin aging in a manor you don't want. With the way it clogs your pores and prevents your skin from breathing you'll soon see the appearance of blemishes and many other unwanted facial elements, so by avoiding products that have mineral oil ingredients you're on your way to getting better skin.

Some other ingredients that you should attempt to avoid being in your skincare products include the following:

  • Dioxane      
  • Fragrances      
  • Parabenes      
  • Alcohols

Now you're probably wondering why fragrances may be a bad option for your skin, especially with the amount of products that have a fragrance. Fragrances are nothing but chemical additives that can cause your skin to age in a way you don't want. Don't put toxic or carcinogenic elements onto your skin, purchase products that have zero fragrances associated with them.

By avoiding ingredients that are just toxins in the end you will see some better results for your skin and begin to look like you have the youthful skin you've begged for. LifeCell Skincare has taken the time to avoid all of these unnecessary ingredients to give you a product that will not only be safe on your skin, but healthy for your skin.


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