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Plump Up Your Lips

Many women start to develop lip wrinkles as their skin ages.  For smokers, or anyone who has smoked in the past, these wrinkles around the lip and mouth area tend to show up much quicker.  When you're young, one of the best things you can do to prevent wrinkles is to not smoke - or to quit smoking if you already do.

However, it's not just smokers who get those signs of feathering around the lips. They're wrinkles just like the ones that can develop on your forehead and around your eyes. In fact, to get rid of lip wrinkles you need to take the same types of action you would for any other wrinkle on your face.

Of course prevention is always the best medicine and in addition to the discussion about smoking above, be sure to protect your lips with sunscreen when you're outside.  They need a good SPF just like the rest of your face and skin.  You'll also want to keep them hydrated with a good moisturizer.

Lips need exfoliation like the rest of your face too.  Dead skin cells build up and need to be removed so that new, healthy skin can regenerate. Make sure you include the mouth area when you exfoliate other areas of your face.  Just remember to be gentle.

Some women resort to Botox, collagen or other types of fillers to plump up their lips and smooth out lip wrinkles.  These types of procedures have become extremely common in recent years.  While in general these treatments do work well and give patients the desired results, they can also be expensive and often need to be repeated.  Once you make the decision to start having treatments, you normally need to keep having them indefinitely.

One of the many signs of aging that LifeCell addresses is lip feathering and thinning.  From the moment you apply its unique anti-aging formula, it goes to work on lip wrinkles and plumps up your lips.  Lips reflect the popular sexy pout look and wrinkles diminish over time.  It's not advertised as a lip cream, but it definitely works magic on them just like it does to the rest of your face.


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