Ceramide-C Anti-Aging Solution

Cerimide-C Anti Aging ComplexProduct: Ceramide-C
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Guarantee: 100 Day Money Back
Free Trial Period: NA
Price: $47.95
Shipping: $8.95
Total Price: $56.90
Supply: 60 Days
Cost Per Day: $0.95
Type: Serum Capsules
Quality: Very Good
Ease of Use: Easy
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good
Website: www.trachealth.com
Website Safety: Extremely Secure

Below is a list of Ceramide-C’s ingredients:  

    Dimethicone  Cyclomethicone 
    dl-Tocopheryl Acetate  (Vitamin E)  
    Squalene (99% pure)
    Trihydroxypalmitami-dohrexypropyl Mysristyl Ether HO3 (Ceramide): Ceramide is an important and natural lipid found in the cell’s membrane which maintains the solubility of water in skin cells.  Inadequate amount of Ceramide in the skin will result to weakened skin cells and will cause skin problems such as wrinkles.    
    Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A)  
    Grape Seed Extract  
    Orange Blossom Extract (Vitamin C)  
    Evening Primrose Extract
    Cucumber Extract     


Each capsule contains all the essential vitamins which are generally offered separately in other skin products.  One capsule of Ceramide-C is highly concentrated and is enough to cover the entire face, neck, upper chest as well as both hands.   

The ingredients used in Ceramide-C supports the manufacturer’s claim that it does not contain any artificial fragrances or any preservatives that can cause skin irritation.  It is non-acnegenic, non-oily and non-comedogenic.  This is definitely good news for those with sensitive skin. 

They also offer a 100-day money-back guarantee which allows people to try it out and opt for a refund if they are not satisfied with the product. 


Unlike other anti-aging products, there is very little information provided for Ceramide-C.  In fact, even the basic descriptions of what each ingredient does are not readily available on their site.  Specifically, more information about Ceramide, which is their main ingredient, should have been explained thoroughly. 

Moreover, most dermatologists believe that changes in dietary habits are a better option to restoring the balance of Ceramide in the body.  A bad diet apparently accounts for 40% of Ceramide loss and an external application of Ceramide alone is not enough to rejuvenate the skin. 


We would be lying if we didn’t admit that the novelty of the heart-shaped capsules were what attracted us to this product.  Their unique use of capsules to store their product is an effective way to regulate the amount used as well as maintain the product’s purity.  We were likewise amazed of the fact that one capsule can cover a lot more skin areas than other anti-aging creams. 

One thing major thing that we noticed is the fact that while Ceramide is the main ingredient for Ceramide-C, this ingredient is located in the middle of the ingredient’s list.  This makes us assume that only a lower dosage of Ceramide is contained within the product.  Further, the dermatologists’ recommendation of changing one’s dietary habits to increase Ceramide makes us think twice about whether there is added value in using this product. 

Those with sensitive skin will be pleased of the fact that Ceramide-C does not contain any artificial ingredients which causes skin irritation.

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