Research Methods

The results of our research are based on several categories:  

Ingredients: The ingredients of an anti-aging cream will give you an indication of what the product can and cannot do.  Certain ingredients produce certain results and the combination of these ingredients produce a different effect altogether.  Moreover, natural and synthetic ingredients can spell the difference between a possible glowing skin or a possible skin irritation.   

More importantly, we do understand the significance of knowing not only what the product contains but also of what the product does not contain.  We believe that what the manufacturers leave out of their product is just as equally important as what they put in.   

Consumer Feedback is another important aspect of this research.  It is important that we let you know that we do not take all consumer feedback at face value. 
This due to the following reasons – 

  • Some of these feedbacks are produced by the manufacturers to promote themselves.
  • Some feedbacks are created by the product’s competitors to discredit them.
  • Some customers’ complaints are due to a misunderstanding of the product’s terms and conditions.

Popularity:  A product's popularity will tell you a lot about its worth and effectiveness.  A product that is receiving constant reviews and searches could be an indication of a great product whereas a product receiving a lot of negative reviews could be an indication of an ineffective product. 

Price:  While it is true that an expensive product does not usually mean a product will work, a more expensive product usually indicates a higher quality of ingredients.  Avoid cheap products as these can usually do severe damage to your skin.


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