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What is Your Skin Type?

Everyone seems to have different skin, but there are generally five different skin care types available; oily, combination, sensitive, dry, and sun damaged. To determine what skin type you have it will depend on the amounts of oil that your skin produces on a regular basis. There are many things that can factor the changes in your skin including your genes, diet, stress, medications, and also what types of skincare products you use.

To determine what kind of skin type you have you can do the following test:

  • Wash your face and pat dry      
  • Take lens cleaning tissue paper and press onto various spots of your face      
  • For oily skin the paper will stick and paper will become translucent      
  • If paper doesn't stick your skin will be dry skin.      
  • For paper that sticks on forehead, nose, and chin; you have combination skin.

There are many different characteristics that go along with each skin type, and having the knowledge of each skin type can allow you to understand your skin much better.

For oily skin you'll notice that your skin tends to have a shine to it with larger then usual pores. People with oily skin tend to have more blackheads and blemishes then most. Tightness is quite common for people with oily skin.

For combination skin you'll have medium sized pores and give off a smoother texture to you skin. There is good circulation and you'll notice a healthier color to your skin. Usually you'll experience dryness in your cheeks and have oily spots on your forehead, chin, and nose.

For sensitive skin you'll have a thinner skin that has very delicate fine pores. Sensitive skin is cleaned easier but is more prone to having broken capillaries and allergic reactions causing rashes on the skin surface.

For dry skin you'll feel like you have very tight skin, especially after you've taken the time to cleanse your skin. Usually people with dry skin receive fine wrinkles, red patches, and flaking to occur. This is usually caused by dead skin build-up.

For sun damaged skin you'll also have skin that feels tighter then usual with wrinkles that are visible. They will usually appear on the cheeks and jaw line at first. Sun damaged skin has leather like texture and many broken capillaries.

Your skin needs to be something you take a lot of care of, but it can be difficult if you don't know your skin type. By knowing what skin type you have and using the proper products with LifeCell Skin Care you will see a large improvement of the appearance and feel of your skin. Get the healthy skin you were born with by adding LifeCell Skin Care to your regular facial care process.




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