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Intrinsic and Extrinsic Aging

As if aging isn't hard enough to contend with, having deep wrinkles on our face is another issue that is most bothersome.  There is an overabundance of deep wrinkle cream products who all claim to be the fountain of youth to our skin.  In actuality, it is hard to create a proper product capable of treating deep wrinkles in the skin.  This is because there are actually two forms of aging - intrinsic and extrinsic.

Two Sources of Skin Aging

Intrinsic aging is aging that occurs in a genetic manner and extrinsic aging involves the effects we have put upon our own bodies.  The intrinsic aging is not something we can control or alter since it is genetics that have predetermined our gradual process of aging.

On the flip side, the extrinsic side of aging is something that we have control of and can change.  Extrinsic aging fortunately plays a bigger factor in how our aging progresses.  By living healthily, we can age much better than someone who does not take care of themselves.  Smoking, sun exposure, and eating habits are just a few samples of the personal choices we make in life that affect our aging process.

Work on the Controllable Issues

When we age, a key compound that creates healthy skin decreases in production. This key compound is called collagen.  To be able to maintain healthy skin, we need to increase collagen levels.  This can be done by preventing loss of collagen already created as well as by creating new collagen.  Doing so will help us bring back our youthful, healthy skin.

To help to reduce loss of collagen, we have to change our habits that are harming our skin.  Eating too much unhealthy foods, sunburns and smoking are major factors.  Fortunately, these are preventable and all under our control.

After certain lifestyle choices are changed for the better, such as using sunscreen on a daily basis or eating healthy foods rich in nutrition, it is only then that deep wrinkle creams can work.  Without working on your lifestyle choices first, deep wrinkle creams lose their ability to work effectively.

Help for the Skin

Different from anti-aging products, deep wrinkle creams work to reduce the appearance of deeply formed wrinkles and at the same time increase the production of the much needed collagen.

And that is exactly what LifeCell does.  It finds a way to help your body increase the production of collagen in a natural way to replenish and rejuvenate your skin.  LifeCell is formulated to attack deep wrinkles and damaged skin.  It is scientific and has the right ingredients.  This is why LifeCell works.


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