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Why Do We Get Wrinkles?

It doesn't matter how young or old you are, at some point in your life you are going to encounter wrinkles on your skin. Some women feel that wrinkles are the worst thing imaginable and will do anything to get rid of them, but with the amount Botox and plastic surgery costs now a days not everyone can afford to get a facelift. With the world becoming a youth society wrinkles are just not allowed and become very undesirable to many women.

So why do we actually get wrinkles?

As many know wrinkles tend to be associated with the aging process and as you get older your skin cells become thinner loosing the elasticity it once had due to the decrease in the collagen production your body is producing. Your skin cells have begun to dive slower, giving a slower repair and renewal rate for your skin. There are many factors as to why we get wrinkles and it is a natural body change, but not everyone approves of them and will do anything to get rid of them. Your skin is growing old just as you are drying out; slowly developing wrinkles the older you get.

Wrinkles can also begin to develop with skin damage, usually caused by exposure to sunlight. Your skin becomes very vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation when you spend large amounts of time underneath the sun with little to no protection. The sunlight can cause a large amount of damage to your skin making it become thinner faster and when you continue to expose yourself to sunlight unprotected, the collagen within your skin will begin to breakdown rapidly, causing wrinkles sooner then the natural aging process would itself.

When you begin to develop free radicals in your skin you will also see wrinkles beginning to develop. If you are wondering what free radicals are they are actually unstable oxygen molecules in your body that are lacking electrons, and oxygen molecules require two each. The collagen of your skin will also break down faster when there are free radicals. So how exactly do free radicals develop within your skin? They develop through consistent exposure to ultraviolet sun rays, pollution in the air, and also linked to cigarette smoking.

Many people are not aware of this and will be shocked to find out but the gravity of the earth also plays a big role in why people develop wrinkles. The gravity begins to pull at your skin slowly causing sagging and jowls to begin forming.

Wrinkles are a natural process and not something to be ashamed of. It's impossible to avoid them and can begin anytime in your life. Everyone knows that going for cosmetic surgery and facelifts cost a fortune and not everyone can afford it. Having less expensive options is great for everyone that really wants a facelift with less cost and pain, which is why LifeCell is a great idea.

Ways you can Diminish your Wrinkles

One great way to prevent the appearance of wrinkles is avoiding too much exposure to ultraviolet rays. So when you go out into the world put on protection, including creams and lotions that have been created with SPF protection. You can also assist the prevention of wrinkles by having a healthy diet. By eating a larger amount of natural foods that are packed full of vitamins and minerals you can prevent further development of free radicals throughout your body.

Everyone knows that you should drink a fair amount of water, and this is very true for preventing wrinkles. By keeping your body hydrated you are preventing your skin from drying out, so avoid drinking too much coffee and black tea even though they are made with water they will do damage over time.
Sleeping at least eight hours each day can also keep your skin beautiful. By getting lots of rest you're helping your system regenerate and be less stressed, and chronic stress will speed up your aging process.

Everyone is probably tired of hearing this, especially if you are a smoker, but if you want to keep your beautiful skin, give up smoking. Smoking doesn't do any good for your body and skin, and will just dehydrate your skin faster and burn away all those nutrients your body needs; so quit, it will be worth it.


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