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Top Foods for Healthy Skin

For those who love eating seafood, here is another reason for you to love it even more.  It has been known that seafood provides your skin with the smoothness you desire.  Eating some oysters can actually help you achieve a pearly-looking complexion.

Let's take a closer look at seafoods.

Active components: Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc
Benefits: Smooth, clear and glowing skin

We all know that fish can be really good for our overall health.  In fact, it is a primary component in what is known as the "Mediterranean diet."  But how many of us know that many types of fish and shellfish can also work wonders for the skin?  Oysters and fatty fish such as salmon can actually help you create a smoother looking complexion.

The primary nutrients that make fish so good for your complexion are zinc and omega-3 fatty acids.

Increasing omega-3 intake can reduce dryness and inflammation.  Inflammation, as we know, can cause skin to age faster.  Furthermore, research shows that not getting the right amount of omega-3 may contribute to inflammatory disorders such as eczema and psoriasis [source: UMMC].

Omega-3 fatty acids can also help to avoid getting the heart's arteries clogged up.  Clear arteries help improve circulation and good circulation is crucial to skin health.  Without good blood circulation, our skin is deprived of the nutrients it needs to remain youthful.

On the other hand, Zinc can help fight acne.  Zinc is involved in metabolizing testosterone, which affects the production of an oily substance caused sebum, a primary cause of acne.

Zinc also assists in new-cell production and the sloughing off of dead skin, which gives the skin a nice glow.

If you are allergic to seafoods or you simply do not like to eat them, you'll also find these benefits in flaxseed oil and walnuts.

Foods that contain antioxidants happen to be great foods for assisting with the prevention of wrinkles. The antioxidants will fight damage that has been caused by all the free radicals. Chemicals like free radicals are doing nothing but damaging your skin cells and need to be maintained with a healthy diet.

There are several different foods that contain high antioxidants, which include:

  • Spinach      
  • Broccoli      
  • Collard greens      
  • Kale

You've probably already noticed that these happen to be the green leafy vegetables, but they are not the only ones that assist. Omega 3 fatty acids are another great addition to your meal plan for better skin.

If you are one of those people that don't worry about your diet and spend hundreds of dollars each month on skincare products you are wasting your time. By eating the proper food and having a healthy diet you'll see a drastic improvement in your skin with some skincare product assistance.

So as you can see by having a healthy diet and combining a great anti aging wrinkle cream like LifeCell Skincare you can be on your way to looking ten years younger in less time.


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